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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Familiar Faces

We were greatly blessed by some familiar faces this week! OH, I just never get tired of seeing familiar faces and hearing familiar voices!! I admit, I am becoming familiar with people here and have even ran into people I know at the grocery store on occasion (and I even occasionally remember their names), and we recently ran into Gabe's school teacher when we went to the Chinese Buffet for Easter (apparently everyone DOES go there for Easter)! But nothing substitutes for people who really know us and who we really know! Friends Sally and Donnie Whaley and their daughter Molly winter here in Florida (but not close enough!) and stopped by on their way back to Iowa! They also had a familiar puppy face with them! It was so fun to see one of Kim and John Williams' dogs who we had known as Caleb all grown up and adopted and loving Florida I might add! He is now known as EZ, just Z, or Zach now. He was so good with Molly and didn't need a leash to stay right by her side! Paul got to know Donnie better and Sally and I caught up and chatted about homeschooling (I so admire home school moms). Their visit was brief, but SO refreshing! Thanks so much guys for taking the time to stop and lift our spirits!

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sara said...

Oh my goodness, Molly is all grown up! You know, it is funny how much "traffic" you get when you live in Sunny Florida!!!!! All KINDS of people wanting to visit ya!