Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter eggs...finally!

Who would think that dying Easter eggs would be such a saga?? We received an Easter package from Iowa (thanks so much Grammy and Papa!!) that included egg dying kits in plenty of time to get them done for Easter and we had the entire Spring Break to find the time! Perfect, right?? Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans... We got the eggs boiled on Thursday but had to leave before they cooled. They waited patiently on the counter for us, but we spent the day at the beach and had dinner with the Johnsons and didn't come home until late. Into the fridge they went. Friday I forgot about them until late morning and when everyone was ready to dive into them, they were cold in the fridge and needed to be room temperature. I took them out to warm up, but then we went to look at a rental house (long story, another post...geesh, I am never gonna be caught up!) and forgot about them again when we decided to watch one of the movies we checked out at the library. Back to the fridge. Saturday was our marathon fishing day, so they didn't get done. Yesterday, the kids asked again if they could do them, but they were in the fridge. We decided we could give them a warm bath to speed the warming process and got the stuff set up. It was a mess as you could easily guess! Now, the other unfortunate thing was the number of eggs. I originally boiled 2 dozen eggs. But, several cracked when I put them in the water, so we ate those (we are all on a hard boiled egg kick lately...maybe we're not getting enough protein, hmmm), shucks. We were down to 16 eggs by Friday. I think they were raided a bit so the box could close and they could go into the fridge safely, so now down to 1 dozen. Someone needed a bedtime snack a few times, a couple got cracked in the dying process, and we ended up with SIX eggs dyed!! Pretty pathetic!

Alayna adds glitter to her egg, super fun!

Holden poses!

Shucks mom, another one cracked...I guess I'll have to eat it!

Alayna shows off her finished product. The glitter was so pretty, but hard to see in the pictures.

Here they are...pathetic!


2Corinth1:4mom said...

Hmmm... room temperature eggs? I never heard of that - but then again, I'm a slacker and if there is a short cut to be had, I take it!!

Richard and Becky said...

I love activities that result in a fun memory (like eggs being taken in and out of the fridge in anticipation to dye)! I also marveled at the thought that so many of our eggs end up cracked before we dye them and figured our luck will change as the kids get older. I guess I wont get my hopes up! They probably wont be the ones cracking them, I will! Looks like fun!