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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday Booty

Okay, okay, I admit it, I am another year older! We had a photo shoot on Easter (also my birthday) and I couldn't get over what that year did to my face! YIKES! I'd like to think I looked so wrinkly because I was squinting in the sunshine...Anyway, if I have to get a year older, I might as well feel loved!! And that I did! My family made me this card above and my kids bought me a new pair of pajamas with their own money! I got to open my gifts before church--boy was that a bad idea! The kids were in FULL birthday mode by the time we got to church. Apparently, Alayna took it on herself to be sure that EVERYONE there knew it was my birthday. Next time, I'll pull her aside and threaten her within an inch of her life if she leaks it again! I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous about going to church because the last time one of the staff members had a birthday on a Sunday, they made her go up front and sang happy birthday to her. They specifically mentioned they would only do this to staff whose birthdays fell on Sunday. That was months ago, and I went home immediately and checked the calendar and about passed out to find my birthday on a Sunday as well!! I had hope that because it was Easter Sunday that there would be no public humiliation. Maybe they would forget in all the Easter preparations! But, alas, my nightmare was lived out. Boy, have I digressed! I guess that comes with getting older too! Anyway, I was made to come to the stage and the entire church sang happy birthday. I punched Matt (our pastor) in the arm on the way up the steps and knocked him off balance a little bit with my excellent form. He even made me wait up there in front of everyone while he finished making the announcements! I could have punched him again!! I don't know why that stuff bothers me, but it does. Oh well! The rest of the day was fabulous! I came home from church, had the above mentioned photo shoot (I'll post pictures later today hopefully), went out to eat (we had already decided I wasn't going to cook or clean up on my birthday, yeah!) at the local Chinese buffet (doesn't everyone go there on Easter Sunday??), came home and changed into my new jammies and was lulled into a buffet induced coma! Everyone napped and then we headed to the beach for dessert and baptisms. 13 people were baptized in the ocean and we had lots of dessert to choose from, so not necessary to make my own birthday cake! Great deal!

I received many well wishes via e-mail and Facebook, and even snail mail! Thanks for remembering my day! Here are some of the surprises the mailman (my hero, still) brought me:

My sister sent me some fun socks since mine are all boring, and some dice for our gaming habit!

Friends from our home church also sent a package with CHOCOLATE, my favorite chocolates, no less, a gift card, and FOUR decks of NEW cards...apparently our gaming habit is well known! Thanks Isaacsons for the chocolate (Emily, you know me too well!), Saflys for the cards (now we can play cards with a full deck when you come back to visit!), and Ryan and Natsha Miller for the gift card! You all are so thoughtful! My day was made!

Also arriving yesterday from my goldest friend Stephanie was this darling bracelet with Joshua 24:15 on it. I LOVE it! Thanks for your thoughtfulness! Notice I called you my goldest friend, not my oldest friend!

The baptisms at the beach are always touching and a cause for a crowd of spectators. This one was more meaningful because we actually know many of the people getting baptized. Pictured here is one of the kids from KidzWorld (our children's ministry that I am currently organizing), with Matt and her dad who helped baptize her.

Having my birthday on Easter was a special treat that has only happened a few times in my lifetime. What a beautiful celebration and remembrance to celebrate along with a birthday. The biggest and best gift of all that I have received is the eternal life given to me in exchange for NOTHING I have done of my own will and power and choice. I thank God for choosing and calling me and sending His precious Son to bear my sins on a tree. I am not worthy to be associated with anyone so perfect and holy, but through the sacrifice of Jesus, I am redeemed and called a child of God. Praise Him for His grace and mercy!


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Happy belated birthday, Travis! Sounds like a glorious day! Can't wait to see the pictures from the photo shoot :)

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a great day, I could live in pajama pants all the time! Glad you like the bracelet, I found it at a gift/floral shop in our town owned by a wonderful Christian lady. She always has little things like that for sale.