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Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Okay, I was NOT secretly hoping MckMama would not hold her usual blog carnival this week. I do not wish I had not decided to write down the Not Me! moments from my week. I definitely did not need to write a couple of them down because they will be burned in my memory FOREVER! Alas, honesty is supposed to be good for the goes another round of being brutally honest and living to tell about it!

I did NOT forget to pick up my neighbor's daughter while carpooling this week. Thank goodness she didn't have to go get her herself AND get charged for after care! WOW, that would be so embarrassing and humbling and would prove that I am not trustworthy, so I am SO glad that didn't happen to me this week!

I did not spend the week stressing over the tins for my project that are not FINALLY coming today!! I trust the Lord's timing in all things and know that worry reveals a lack of faith, so I am glad I did not worry at all!

The worrying I did not do did not lead to several spats with my husband because I was short and distracted. I was not short of patience with my kids either!

I did not take all 3 boys to baseball tryouts on Saturday morning when we could have been sleeping in. I did not let Alayna chatter incessantly during the entire thing even though it had to be wearing on the nerves of everyone around us too. I did not allow her to tell horrible knock-knock jokes, or the one about "Why did the man eat the _____?" (fill in the blank with anything you can see at a baseball diamond) "Because he was hungry, really hungry, needing a snack, etc."

I did not eat potato chips for dinner last night, then out of guilt for my poor nutrition, eat a hot dog.

I did not forget to buy dessert for our church gathering yesterday. Who forgets dessert, especially when they're spending someone else's money and they have their choice of what to buy??? I think the real question is who forgets how to spell dessert??? I looked at it several times, changed it, then changed it back...should have looked it up!! I am not grateful to my grammar teaching sister for setting me straight! I am so glad I have NEVER made any other spelling errors here on my blog and likely won't again!!

I did not close out a K-Mart store last night! Someone from church told us that the K-Mart in Sarasota was going out of business and had baseball equipment on sale, so we did not haul our kids up there after youth group (7pm) and arrive 30 minutes before they closed their doors forever! They were not discounting EVERYTHING 95%! We did not purchase over $200 worth of merchandise for under $12! I can't tell you what we bought, it is unmentionable...we'll say baseball equipment...let your imagination run wild with that one!!

Okay, that's all we have time for this morning! I have tons to do and want to give a shout out to my mom and dad to tell them "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" Their birthdays are Jan. 25th and 26th. We love you guys whole big bunches!! Happy birthday also to Mya yesterday!! (our friends Bill and Sara's daughter) I know this will be a special birthday for her in her forever family for the first time!

Okay, what are you NOT up to?


Richard and Becky said...

How exciting that you did NOT score the best deal of the year on the baseball equipment! I also can NOT relate to being short with my family when I am stressed. That defininitely does NOT happen to me! It is a balmy -23 degrees while I type this! Yikes! I am sure it is a bit warmer down there!

2Corinth1:4mom said...

I did not forget to download and email you pictures from Saturday's picnic. I did not leave the camera in the backseat of Mark's car...

And I did not relate to spats with the husband because we did not have one on the way to CHURCH!!!

BlogBaby said...

Cute Blog and even cuter family!

Chips for dinner followed by a hot dog for desert, that sooooo DOES NOT sound familiar! ;)

Thanks for posting for NMM! I enjoyed your list!


The Blackley Tribe said...

Travis, I did NOT laugh out loud at the thought of you eating the hot dog to justify the potato chips. Too funny.
God's provision is too awesome, I know your kids did NEED the baseball equipment, but that the thing that amazes me...he gives us what we need and then some. What a blessing to be able to get such a good deal!

jpandtheboys said...

I thought that I was the only person who ever showed a lack of faith by worrying!! Too cute. Thanks for sharing and I love love your collage, beautiful pictures.

JoD said...

I love to read these and be reminded that you really don't walk on water... :) BTW, it is dessert, not desert! You don't have to publish this comment. I love you!

pam said...

Wow, the trip to K Mart was so worth it. I would love to find such great deals!!

Happy Monday.

Cindy and company said...

I am NOT happy that your sister corrected your spelling of dessert. I would NOT correct you because I do NOT have a critical spirit that I am trying to avoid! I am NOT now worried about the tins causing you and your family soooo much stress! I did NOT think about cancelling an order just to make you feel better ;) I am NOT bummed that the K-Mart sale is over and would NEVER consider the huge sale an excuse to visit you in FL. Wish they held out one more week. I CANNOT relate to the chips and hotdog. I only eat nutritious meals such as a BIG slice of chocolate cake followed by a large glass of chocolate milk:)

sara said...

I have NEVER eaten chips for dinner. What? I also would not have eaten those popcorn & m&ms for dinner :)