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Friday, January 9, 2009

Busy week, all work and no play...

Ahhh, its been a crazy week. Not like the past couple weeks where the busy week has produced 200-300 fun photos to help hold on to the memories though. No, this has been a crazy work your tail off week. I am not complaining though! I am so excited to be having trouble keeping up with the orders for my cleaning system, Spring Clean, Year 'Round! Yes, I know those words in the title are probably supposed to be underlined, but I haven't figured out how to do that in a post yet...anyone??? Anyway, I have had so much fun scurrying around getting these things put together and decorated (my favorite part) and shipped (my least favorite part), and desperately trying to figure out eBay (I have never sold anything on there until now), and trying not to lose sleep over the fact that eBay tells me I need to ship 7 items that I have already shipped and can't figure out how to make eBay stop making me feel bad. I must be totally neurotic because I let that bother me...anyone else?? No, just me. So, I am feeling computer illiterate lately.

Well, if you are keeping track, I have now officially sold 19 sets of my cleaning system (and I still have 5 completed, but unsold). I am absolutely amazed at how much of my money eBay gets for handling the payment part of this for me. Can you tell they are completely under my skin??? Anyone have a better suggestion for me? I did pitch my idea to a publisher this week. Paul called them up in person and spoke to a woman in their receiving department, explained what I have made, and she wants one...I'm thinking that's got to be helpful! She told Paul she would put together an email to the owner of the publishing company with the materials I submitted. I know all of this is completely up to God. He can make hearts favorable to me, or completely close the door in my face. I pray that whatever He does, He does it quick and painlessly...that sounds like something He would do...or NOT! I have a feeling this will be an opportunity for me to grow some patience...the P word! And I have already learned this project has been an opportunity for learning perseverance...another P word. I have been amazed at the roadblocks I have had to overcome. Let me list them out to help me remember to be thankful, and to see how far I have already come: NO ONE makes pretty patterned index cards that I could buy to print on, NO ONE prints index cards (like Vista Print), NO ONE makes pretty OR matching number and month dividers. NO ONE makes cute index card boxes. Meanwhile, God has presented me with a way through these roadblocks. I found pictures for each of my index cards on Google images. Yes, I did spend FOREVER finding them and making them the right size. Some of them are pixilated and stretched, but they still look fun and cute. I have discovered I can print 4 to a page on card stock and cut them out with the large paper cutter at Agape. I also found supplies to make my own dividers. I print onto the labels and put the labels in place on white index cards BY HAND at the appropriate intervals, measured BY HAND. God brought me a woman who offered (before I could even ask) to sell me the boxes at wholesale after I tried multiple stores, who didn't carry them and who weren't interested in taking my money to order them and then sell them to me at retail. Last time I picked up the boxes (actually tins) from her, she also sold me adhesive, at wholesale, to use to decorate them. She encouraged me to purchase whatever Provo Craft sells at wholesale, that she would place the order for me! They sell scrapbooking supplies if anyone is interested in ordering anything at wholesale prices!

Okay, I am done ranting about how difficult this all has been. I am sure one day it will be a foggy memory. I do have some pictures of my work:

I should also give credit where credit is due. I worked my mom and sister like SLAVES when they were here. They helped print, cut and trim index cards, decorate boxes (as seen in this photo), and make the dividers. We were able to get 18 boxes completed while they were here...I would still be working on #3 I am sure without their help!! Thanks ladies!! LOVE YOU!

Alayna is also seen here "helping" by modelling the boxes for Riley who was snapping pictures I intended to delete before downloading...oops

We made quite a mess of the living room!

I pray your week has been less stressful than mine. I would really treasure any ideas or encouragement you could throw my way regarding this eBay thing!


2Corinth1:4mom said...

I have a bunch of stuff:
1. Mark is carrying your check around in his wallett...

2. Go into Ebay, get to the place where it lists what has been sold. Pull down the arrow on the left side, and select "mark as shipped". This will take care of the 7 things to ship... If you don't get these instructions, call me and I'll walk you through it.


Richard and Becky said...

Travis, I have no ebay words of wisdom as I have not ventured down this road either. I also have never created an amazing project! I do feel God is going to use you and this to do BIG things! I pray for patience and continued perseverance and peace. Thats a lot of P's. I hope the weekend is more relaxing for you!

The Homemaker's Resource said...

You should be able to sell them directly with just a little marketing through the right people and using Paypal.

I can help explain what I mean if you want to call me. And I'd be happy to mention it on my website if that would help you out :-) I can also give you some other websites that you could work with, too. Yeah, call me :-) Lots of great ideas for you!

Alicia said...

Have you tried

JoD said...

Can't WAIT to hear what the publisher has to say! You also need to follow up with Alpha Gam website to see if there is anyone in publishing. If you set up your own domain name on the web, you can sell directly from there with a link to Pay Pal. I love technology too... call me!