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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We were blessed to know people throwing parties both Wednesday night and Thursday, so we were able to enjoy both with many friends! Wednesday night, a couple from church who live near us had us over. There were lots of families from church, the band from church played, people sang, the police came 3 times before midnight--apparently Christian music is that offensive, because it wasn't all that loud :o(, the kids played Halo, guitar hero, on the swing set, on the zip line, and by the fire roasting marshmallows, and in the hot tub.
Then, on New Year's Day, we went to the Johnson's. The kids had a blast shooting the paintball guns at the target and the adults had a blast playing games. We were introduced to a new game called Keesdrow. Its a word game and was very fun. We played several rounds of Farkle, and then played Catchphrase until all the clues were familiar. It was so much fun! My mom and sister are gamers like me, so when they are here, I always get my fill. My kids are becoming quite the gamers too. Here are a couple pictures from the day. I was too busy playing to take many.

Paintball supplies

Holden garbs up, Harvey helps.
Alayna needed both index fingers to pull the trigger, but she always does whatever her brothers do!

Paul and Alayna cuddled and watched the paintballs go splat.
Luckily, the mess cleaned up easily with the hose!

They were fun and relaxing holidays with family and new friends. Thanks for the hospitality and fun!

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