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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Morning Flight

This morning I came in to see the pilots off for the Island. Pilots Tom and Mark were in at 5 am to have wheels off the ground at 6:20 am. I spent much of yesterday in the mail room sorting the missionaries mail (gained a new appreciation for postal workers) , getting to know their names, finding out who wants junk mail and who doesn't (most do not). Putting faces with each of them will be next. The latter part of this month I plan to go to Santo Domingo to assist in getting John Niesen planted in the Agape host home there. I hope to get to meet a number of missionaries during the trip.

Plans to expand south, east and west are always a discussion around here. It excites me (not much does that) to see the potential of the services that can be provided world wide to expand the gospel. This expansion needs more staff. We are in dire need of a plane mechanic, human resources director, IT personnel, and more. Please contact me if you have any interest in any of these positions at 941-488-0990, ext. 104, or on my mobile at 319-360-6692, the Agape web site is We know that God is working on a few of you, so when he calls you, please don't hang up. Answer and begin talking with Him. It's okay to fight through this with Him, however, be warned that He may dislocate your hip if you chose to wrestle with Him.

The plane represents only a small part of what we want to get accomplished, but it is undoubtedly a significant part of the ministry here at Agape. In speaking with Tom this morning before they flew off into the sunrise he mentioned that he sometimes asks himself "its hot, I'm tired, what am I doing?" But when he sees the faces of the missionaries when they arrive, he sees, "this is why." What a blessing for Mark and Tim to see those faces when they land, and what a blessing to the missionaries to know that we exist to serve them, and we have their best in mind. It's a beautiful thing to be a part of ministry in this way. Tom and Mark should return Thursday between 4 and 5 pm to Sarasota to go through customs and be home after that.

I cannot finish this short summary this morning without recognizing the family of believers who make it possible for us to be here. We love you and thank each one of you.

Talk to you soon.


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