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Saturday, July 5, 2008

An eventful day

Watching fireworks at the beach
You can just make out the fireworks like a hat on Holden's head...we were pretty far away!!

Happy Independence Day! We thought we would share some of the fun things we found to do on our first July 4th celebration here in Florida. We found Jungle Gardens in Sarasota (not too much unlike Reptile Gardens we visited last year in South Dakota) and the kids got in free with gifts for our country's soldiers. After gathering gifts and eating breakfast we headed out to spend the day with wildlife and gardens and playing. There were special things there for the kids to do such as the inflatable rock wall (seen in the slideshow), a bounce house, a watermelon eating contest (Gabe tied for first!), and a bike raffle, that weren't usually there, then all the reptiles and birds and a fun playground. We went to the reptile show and while we were watching, a racer snake slithered over mine and Riley's feet. I noticed something brushed my foot, but with Alayna on my lap, thought nothing of it until I noticed the snake along its merry way away from me!! I managed not to panic somehow! I think somehow he was more scared than I was as he desperately tried to get through the fence and away from all the people! We headed home to cool off and went to the beach for the fireworks. We stayed on the fringes and managed to find a spot minutes before it started and got out quickly when it was over. It was pretty amazing to hear the ocean instead of the explosions we usually hear!! The kids had a hard time paying attention to the fireworks though since we were so far away. At the CRPD helipad we had front row seats and could not even carry on a conversation due to the noise!!

Anyway, I pray you have had an enjoyable relaxing day thanking God and our troops for the freedoms we enjoy. Please check out our videos next to this post...(I have really gotten into posting things on here. Its amazing what you can do when you have the time!!) turn down the volume on the music to hear it. One video is of the watermelon eating contest Gabe won and the another one is the unbelievable neighbor we met today!! There is also one of us feeding the flamingos and our faces are blurry for some reason. Identity protection I guess!! I tried uploading it twice and it did it both times. Oh well, I will get this all figured out soon enough, then somthing newer and better will replace it!!

Our hearts ache at times like these when we are used to being surrounded by friends and family, but Jesus is our sustainer and we continue to look to Him for His perfect provision. We covet your e-mails and comments here at our blog...I should admit I am spying on you!! I can tell how many people have looked at the blog and from what I am waiting not so patiently to hear from know what we are up to but we are dying to know what you are up to!! A few of you have blogs and I check them once or twice daily, hungry for get those things updated!! I have the following people's blogs and am checking them: Deb Pitcher, Mandy Mallicoat, Rikki Kreger, Vicki Cupp (congrats for having the most up to date blog even with a newborn!), Sara McClintock (sorry Sara, your is actually really up to date as well, I was just not smart enough to figure out how to view current posts), Athena Grady, Lisa Metheny, JoDee Martin, and Missy Isbell. If you have a blog and I don't know about it, SEND ME YOUR SITE!!

We love you all and are blessed to know you and call you friends. We continue to pray for God's sustaining strength for those of you in Iowa helping with all the flooding clean up, we long to work alongside you.


sara said...

Hey Travis & Family!! Good to catch up with ya'll!! Looks like you had a good move & a great fourth. not much to complain about when you're in the Gulf of Mexico, eh? Really praying that you enjoy Florida as much as we are loving Colorado!!

Kregers5 said...

Travis, I check your blog ALL THE TIME! I am glad to see it updated on your lives. It looks like you all are keeping busy and having fun! I will email soon. :)

Lisa said... HAVE to teach me the whole spying thing!!! Send me an email with those details!! Nothing like a little encouragment...razing to get me in gear to blog. I do have a lot to catch up on too!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy and fun day!

Mandy M.(it won't let me sign in here)

ps Check out my blog tomorrow and you may find out what you have been wanting to know ;)

Anonymous said... was a bit of a sad day as you all weren't here. Mom grilled out for us so that was "normal". I kept wondering what you all were doing. We went back to my house and cleaned all day and then I took Mom to see Get Smart as payment. Watched the fireworks from Cleveland Park since they got moved to Veteran's stadium. Counting the days until we're there with you!! 19... love to all.

Lisa Chism said...

Glad you all are doing well! You are already a tan mama!

Did you decide on schooling for the kids yet?

Take care!

Lisa said...

You are is addicting! LOL.