Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Holden!

Holden's beach birthday cake...couldn't find the birthday candles, so we settled for tea lites!
He got a watch for his birthday and now is constantly asking, "What time are we going to _________ ?"
The kids got up early enough to enjoy an early morning swim before church. They jumped in together.

Today is Holden's 7th birthday!! We had a great time celebrating as a family. We were so blessed to be together, enjoy each other's company, play, watch a NASCAR race, eat birthday cake, swim, and open presents. Holden, it is hard to believe you could be 7 years old already! Here is what we love about you:

H: Hilarious laugh (very contagious!)

O: Opens the door for mom

L: Loving and affectionate

D: Daring, willing to try anything

E: Ear to ear smile (now with teeth!)

N: Needs his back scratched often (physical touch is his love language)


Lisa said...

Super cute cake!! By the way...I feel much better knowing you went through the whole razor ordeal as well. Today...he turned on the garbage disposal. Hmmm....I think it's time to go back to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least no fingers or spoons were lost or damaged. Its been a LONG summer. Pray for patence please.

sara said...

Awesome cake! What a sweet tribute to your youngest son!! My Carter is Physical Touch too!