Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A first date, VBS, and an Agape work day

We actually got the chance to go on a date! There was a screening of the movie "Fireproof" at a local church and we were invited! There were appetizers and popcorn and a chance to meet other ministry leaders in the area. We really enjoyed the movie starring Kirk Cameron aimed at helping marriages.

These are a few photos from the kids at VBS. I went on Friday to help serve snack and got to take some pictures and video of water day:

Gabriel playing baby pool kickball.

Apparently she has been watching me too closely. Every time her teacher turned around, she had wandered off to lay on her towel!!

Riley participates in a relay race.

Holden races too.

The kids gathered for singing'll have to ask them to sing "The cat came back" for you!

The Venice Fire Department came out to cool the kids off with a spray from the fire hose.

Playing in the water from the fire hose.

Saturday, the Agape crew put in another day at the hanger. A local group of 25+ volunteers came out to help with a deep clean of the offices and hanger including removing old insulation and replacing it, dusting, landscaping, painting, and scrubbing the hanger floor. It was hot, sweaty work, but an unbelievable amount was accomplished! We were so blessed as were all of Agape's missionaries! I didn't think to take pictures until it was all but over...

Bringing things back in after the cleaning was done.

Even the mower got cleaned!


John and Sarah said...

Wonderful blog. You can check ours out if you get so bored that you have nothing better to do. We cant figure out how to get music... but it looks pretty.

By the way... Thanks for helping us out so much. Sarah and I are very greatful for all that you are doing. Its great to have you working with us.

Lisa said...

Oh you are getting quite fancy with your blog now. I can't figure out how to space out my pics. What am I doing wrong? I love Kirk Cameron. I enjoyed him in the Left Behind Movie. Great pic of you and Paul. Matthew has been taking swimming lessons this week and I've been lounging at the pool...of course it's at 8:30 in the MORNING....Grrr! Hopefully a blog on that in a few days.