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Saturday, April 10, 2010

We did it!

The Sharktooth 10K was today.  We were up before the crack of dawn to get to the start line.  On a Saturday. The kids were THRILLED! There were some pretty bad attitudes and the kids asked if they could stay home to sleep in.  They were not allowed, and realized they were really glad they went when it was over. They got into the spirit and cheered for us as we rounded the first corner by the parking area. Yelling for Kristen and I and Alayna cheering "Go Mom, Go!" repeatedly.  You can see we were feeling just fine as the race started. 

We pushed pretty hard during the race (though I wasn't able to judge that until the end).  It was very different to run in the daylight with several hundred other people.  Our conversation was pretty dull and we actually had a hard time coming up with things to occupy our minds and distract us from our heavy feeling legs.  Kristen promised to make a wristband with "Would You Rather" topics for our next race since our brains didn't have enough oxygen to think of them today! Poor Kristen stopped at Starbucks for coffee before the race and wasn't feeling well for the majority of the race, but we stuck together until the final 200 meters.  I am grateful for her pacing me since I have no idea how to do that and save energy to get through the entire race! We made a great team and I was excited to cross the finish with a personal best time! It took just over 1 hour for the 6.2 miles. Now, I know you serious runners (Suzy) will think that is slow, but I am very happy with that time since anything over a quarter mile used to be too much for me! I felt good for the last bit and sprinted to the finish with Alayna and Holden joining me, but felt a bit nauseated after I stopped.  That passed quickly (thankfully), and the post race pig out began! There was so much food! I couldn't believe what I saw people eating! Pulled pork at 8:15 am! There was also oranges, bananas, apples, bagels, and even pastries.  Smoothie King was also there with strawberry smoothies and bottled water abounded.  I even let the boys enjoy a bottle of Coke since they came to watch my race at the crack of dawn. They were very glad they went! I did cave and have some of the pork, it was really good even if it wasn't 9 am yet! Here I am rounding one of the last curves:
Riley (our family photographer) got a great picture of Kristen's finish. She was even smiling!

So, I am glad its over and glad I did it, it was really fun. PLUS, I won a $15 gift certificate in the post race door prize drawing! We are talking about what is next and kicking around the idea of the sprint triathalon (400 meter swim, 13 mile bike, 5K run). I have wanted to do one for years...I am not sure why!

I also want to throw in here the updates on the missing teeth and healed leg.  Alayna with her sooooo grown up smile:

And Riley all healed up:
We have been getting lots of stuff done today like cleaning out the van, laundry, bathrooms, mopping (my fave), and tree trimming. Its looking good around here, so we are off to relax at the community pool (heated) in our neighborhood and maybe go bowling later for my birthday! Another year older...where does the time go???


Rikki said...

Awesome job! I am sure it feels great to have accomplished that.

I'm confused--is mopping really your favorite or was that sarcasm? Because I HATE it!! :)

Thanks for the comment and prayers about Nathan--it's good to know I understand it since it seemed confusing at the time.

Happy Birthday (is it today?!)!!

2Corinth1:4mom said...

You can call it pacing. I call it not-so-silently dying four steps behind you.

I was smiling because Paul was hollering for me to go faster!

You are much more productive today than I am...

Cindy and company said...

Hey! There's a sprint triathlon in Wausau the first weekend in August! Would LOVE to team up with you. I did the swim portion last year. I'm game if you are! Way to go on the race!