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Friday, January 22, 2010

Prachar Family Update

Dear Loved Ones,

I first want to thank you for your continued prayer, thoughts, kindness, care, love and support. You all have been a tremendous blessing to our family. I have great news; I have accepted a position as the Executive Pastor of The Bridge Church, Venice, Florida. The church has been our church home since arriving here in 2008, and we have been fully involved from the beginning.

Travis served as the children’s ministry coordinator from October 2008 through October 2009. I have served in an advisory role with the elders (not being an official elder) to assist them in any way that I could. Gabriel does the lights every Sunday, Riley and Holden are learning sound, and we all assist in the tear down at church (We meet in a school and have to break it all down after the service on Sunday-we have only been on the set up team a few times.) while Alayna is running around playing.

The church is much like Grace Community Chruch when it was young. We currently have about 250 regular attendees, many of them first generation Christians. We have been welcomed here and used here since day one, and we have been led to make a full time commitment.

The church is currently operating right at budgetary limits. I will be withdrawing only from the support that you all give to the church. Since my departure from Agape Flights, support for our family has dropped well below 50%. That is okay. We understand we are no longer going the international direction that most of you were supporting. That being said, we are doing fine but would love to have you continue or join us again. Travis has been working full time as a Nurse Practitioner for the Sarasota County Department of Health. She is enjoying her work, but longs to be home more. We are putting our roots down here in Venice and we are making a long term commitment to this local body of believers.

As the Executive Pastor of The Bridge Church I will oversee the overall operations. I will meet with people on a daily basis and have opportunity to counsel, assist with family finances, marriages, children, and all the things that I love. My time at Agape Flights, the experiences and trials there, the training at Caring for the Heart Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colorado and my time with the Dave Ramsey organization in Brentwood, TN have all played a part in preparing me for this work. I will take all of the administrative duties from Pastor Matt Day so he may focus on teaching, vision casting and leading the body of believers. Please pray for wisdom, and when God taps on your shoulder to give us a call, or drop us an email, please do it. We need you, and your communications are an encouragement with value that we cannot even begin to express.

We love all of you, and if it were not for you and sending us here in the first place this would not be possible. Please consider assisting this church by helping us. We are looking at your financial support to be short term, and we are counting on God to grow the church to be able to handle my salary by year end 2010. We pray that your friendships and spiritual support will never end. Know that you are always welcome to visit us.

Please pray for Haiti during this time, we still have many friends unaccounted for. Our friends at HAFF (Greg and Barb Van Schoych, Connie Curilla, and the Wilsons) have been in touch with us and are fine. I have been in to Agape Flights on occasion over the past few weeks to assist them with their efforts. Please keep them in your prayers. The volunteers are responding in record numbers, but they will still need funds to fuel the planes to deliver the supplies that have been acquired. You can follow Agape Flights at 114 of the 130 Agape Flights Missionaries in Port au Prince have been accounted for. Agape is awaiting communication from the following families:

Adams, Balde, Brian, Byers, Edmond, Garnes, Harrigan, Joseph, Louis, Malbranche, Miller (James), Pierre (Louis), Rapp, Roseau, Simeon, St. Fleur.

Please pray for these families and for those who are accounted for and lost so many in their communities. The estimated total is 200,000, approaching the number of the 2004 Asian Tsunami that left 230,000 dead. Pray for the leadership of Haiti, that they may repent, turn back to God and deny Voodoo and Satan.




CihaPet said...

Wow! This is awesome, Paul!
God's blessing and guidance to you and your family with this big step!

Richard and Becky said...

what a blessing! We are looking forward to watching God use you during the next leg of this journey!

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!!! Our hearts are full of gratitude and joy in knowing that God is using you in this capacity. Your heart has been prepared for many years which is now coming to fruition through much prayer and guidance. The prayers for you and your family are ongoing and we await updates as they occur. Blessings to all of your family with love and hugs to each one of you.
G. & P. P.

ShannaPentico said...

I heard from your mom that you were in the Venice area, and it sounds like God is using you in tremendous capacities. What a blessing! My prayers are with you and your family as you step into this journey.
I have lived in Sarasota/Bradenton for 9+ years now. Funny how small the world can be. I am in Venice often for work (yesterday and today, in fact!). I would love to catch up with you sometime soon!

Shanna Pentico

Erin said...

I hadn't been on your blog for quite awhile, but am SO amazed at how God has worked in your lives. Praise God for your position Paul and that you all are able to "put down roots" there. You all went on such faith and are true examples to all of us. Will continue to pray for your family and your work and all your ministries. In Him, Erin and family