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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Even though we are no longer with Agape, our hearts are shredded by the news of the earthquake that happened in Haiti yesterday.  Agape was to have a flight go out today, but they delayed it so that they could gather necessities to help those in Port Au Prince.  There are still the majority of the missionaries who are unaccounted for there.  Please pray for their miraculous rescue and for their families who have to be worried sick back here in the states.  If you feel compelled to help, go to the Agape website ( to see a list of items requested by those they have been in contact with.  Cargo costs $4/pound to ship and as the donated supplies come in, Agape will have to pick up the expense of the shipping.  100% of what you give will go to help this relief effort!


Marner Family said...

We have family friends living in Port Au Prince, we know they are okay but that is all. We are praying for everyone, and feel as though we need to do something and praying for Gods wisdom. I will talk to Jon about donation of money to cover shipping, but I really do want to do more, but that maybe what God asks us to do to. I remember Camdens "bear" taking a trip with Agape to Port Au Prince last year ... our prayers are with those you know and everyone. Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers have been with you,the precious Haitian people and the missioniaires there since hearing the dreadful news of the Earthquake. We can only imagine how devasated you are by this tragedy having been there, treated,visited, ministered to, and loved these children of God. Many here are praying for them, you, and all who are coming to their aid. May God be made very real to those who don't know Him.
Missing you and sending hugs and much love.

G. & G. P.

karen said...

Travis and Paul,
How we wish you were here with us, but we know your prayers have been going up to our Father who hears all of them. I am making my first trip to Las Americas by myself at night (11:00pm) to pick up a medical team that Bud is taking into Haiti at 3:00am. He came home for 2 days. Dr. Abner stayed there...after a week they were still pulling people out alive! Bud came back to get more supplies and made shelves to get the meds off the sidewalk! We love you.
karen y bud