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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bad hair day???

Of all the crazy schemes I seem to get myself into! Here is another one! I have a patient who I have seen a handful of times since I started and who I have been able to help feel better. She has opened up a hair salon in Sarasota and offered me a free highlight if I brought a friend with me. I took her right up on that offer! JoDee went in with me and Suzanne stayed open late just for us and closed down the rest of the shop so I could bring the kids and they could just hang out with us. Holden had soccer practice, so he wasn't there, but the rest of the crew was PAMPERED!! I got a great haircut (no more uncooperative bangs!) and a highlight (as you can see above), Gabriel got his hair washed in a real salon for the first Alayna:
You might not know that Paul takes care of all the males' haircuts in our family and has from day one! Gabe also checked out the dryer:

Riley kept himself entertained reading his book at the pedicure station that had a massager in the chair:

And Alayna got her hair trimmed and put up in a French braid!

Aunt JoJo somehow escaped the camera's focus that night, but she also got a color, highlight, and conditioning treatment, and haircut! Thanks Suzanne for such posh treatment and for taking such good care of us and the kids!!


Erin said...

How fun!:)

Football & Fried Rice said...

What fun!! I love getting a good hair cut (: Looks like the kids enjoyed it too!

Stephanie said...

Wow, Trav, you are really on a blogging roll the past few days!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nothing like a pampering trip to the salon. Way to go Gabriel, you look right at home. Alayna, you look like a real shampoo-er, and Riley, way to read a book is being massaged at the same time, huh? What a gift Travis from your new friend, God is so good. It's wonderful to have you blogging again.
Love and hugs,
G. & P. P.