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Friday, May 2, 2008

About time for an update

Here is the latest with the Prachars. We are managing to avoid full scale panic about moving/packing/all the other demands on our lives only by the grace of God. School for the kids is winding down, Perspectives is completed (wow, did that go fast!), AWANAs is done for the year, the fundraiser for the school is over as of today, and life should be slowing just a bit from this frantic pace we have maintained over the past several weeks. I am taking a deep breath even as I type this! Packing has been simplified by the liquidation of a lot of our stuff! I am finding this Craig's list addictive!! We have sold some furniture, given away things, sold my car and the van, sold the boys go-cart, sold our big TV, and have friends and neighbors who have come through our house and made dibs on what they want when we move! I have shopped on the Florida Craig's list for things we will need when we get there and have found plenty of things to choose from as it seems everyone is moving from there and not taking anything with them! We still are not sure where we will land or if we will rent or buy, so that makes planning difficult!
We have been blessed, encouraged and refreshed by those of you we have sat down with to enlist as supporters. I know we already have a full army praying over our plans, move, and subsequent new beginning in Florida. We are progressing financially, and after some budget slimming, we are about 1/3 of the way to our goal! Several of our friends have asked specifically how they can be praying for us, so we have come up with 5 prayer requests:
1) God's clear direction for our housing situation.
2) Strength to maintain this support raising campaign.
3) Friends waiting for our kids who love Jesus and will be willing to accept the "new kids".
4) Agape Flights pilots are traveling to Atlanta, GA to check out a potential replacement for their plane that went down. Pray for clear direction from God and for Him to work in a mighty way in this business transaction and for all the glory to go to HIM!
5) Please cover our marriage with your prayers, for the upcoming marriage conference we will be putting on. We are always attacked in this area before the conference. Please also pray for each couple attending the conference, for their marriages to be renewed, repaired, and refreshed.

As always, we would love to hear from you in our comments, or emails to We would love to know how we can be lifting you and your family up in prayer.

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