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Monday, April 7, 2008

The latest

I wanted to add some pictures of our trip to Florida over Spring Break so you can see where we are going. This is the first time the kids saw or felt the ocean. It was quite cold, but the weather warm enough to get used to it quickly!
Our first day in Florida, we arrived just before sunset at the beach. The clouds didn't cooperate, but the kids got acquainted with the Gulf of Mexico anyway. From here forward we refer to it as the ocean even though we know it isn't technically! The sand there is really nice (not something I would usually say about sand), it is larger grains and when it dries it is heavy enough to just fall off your legs and feet (or anywhere else you have manged to confiscate it!). There were also lots of shells and pieces of shells everywhere.

Riley found some shell he thought was photo worthy.

The ocean for the first time.

The water was cold and the locals I am sure thought we were crazy. We needed a big "I'm from Iowa" sign and they would have understood perfectly!!
Last week was crazy as we began sitting down with friends and family to talk about our adventure and recruit team members. What a precious time of fellowship and encouragement. We have been so blessed with relationships and are now coming to recognize the breadth of the blessing as we are lifted up in prayer and see God so clearly using us and you. The joy of being in His perfect will for our lives is immeasurable and we are so glad you are willing to take this ride with us.
Prayer requests and updates:
We continue to ask for prayer for the sale of our home and properties in the Dominican Republic. We do have a family interested in our home, we are waiting to see if an offer will come out of it. We also strive to have obedient hearts and listening ears to hear God's prompting. Pray for the missionaries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic working in spiritual darkness, for spiritual refreshment and perseverance. We also pray for the hearts of those we will be speaking with to join our team, that they will have clear direction from God and know His will for thier lives.
We can't thank you enough for holding us up in prayer during this time and for your encouraging words and deeds.


Lisa said...

Oh the ocean looks so inviting! I see you have gotten the hang of blogging! GREAT pics! Looking forward to reading more about your upcoming adventure!

Silvia said...

Dear Paul, I am so glad that you found a job that will fullfil your expectations for you and for your family. There is a lot to tell you about Charles and me but I would like to e mail you or give you a call. My phone number now is 718-713-7820. We don't have the old phone numbers and I will tell you why when we get in touch.
Bless you and your family for a brilliant future.
Silvia B. Denney
218 34th Street Dr SE Upper
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403