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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthday Fun

There were lots of slides and tunnels for Alayna to play in.
Getting strapped into the bumper cars. JoDee made me wear the obnoxious pink "Birthday Girl" ribbon!!
Riley gets serious about ramming into someone!
Holden looking a little wicked with his red eye! He proved to be a wicked crasher!
No, this picture did not need to be turned!! Gabriel is on a "Space Bike" that went 360 degrees in laps racing Aunt JoJo to see who could complete the most laps in 1 minute.

Aunt JoJo on the space bike, proof that she was winning the race at that point!!

If you have to grow older, you might as well have some fun at it!! This was my theory approaching my birthday this year! We packed up the family with my sister and mom and went to play for an hour at Planet X. We bashed on each other in the bumper cars, rode laps on the space bikes, jumped on the trampolines, climbed the rock wall (the boys were very impressed that I could make it all the way to the top!), and finished it all up with a game of laser tag. The grown ups took on the kids and we annihilated them!! Then we played some arcade games and then let the kids choose prizes with their tickets (like at Chucky Cheese's), then went home for some Thai food. We rented a Wii for the weekend, so after a late lunch we played some video games. Then, a friend threw a party for several women with April birthdays where we played games and ate too much great food! It was a great day!! If I had to get a year older, at least I had some fun with it! It has been so fun to share my birthday with my sister again. Obviously we have always shared a birthday, but after moving to Iowa 15 years ago, we have spent them apart mostly. Since she moved to the area over 4 years ago, we have gotten to share birthday parties again. What a special treat!

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Deb said...

What a fun day, Travis! Now for more fun...I've tagged you, so check out my blog and play!