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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wrapping up another year...where does the time go?

I took some time off work the last week of school to go to a couple of the year end parties. Riley's class went to the beach for a few hours and had a picnic with a cute cake to say farewell to elementary school. Hard to believe he will be in 6th grade next year.

Riley with his buddies Seth and Bradley
They did a relay race and had to put on the beach gear and run around an obstacle. The girls beat the usual I understand. Riley insists they cheat for the record.
Proof I was there. With straight hair for some odd reason.

Unfortunately, Holden's class did an all day field trip to end their stint in 3rd grade and I just couldn't take the whole day off, so I missed that. Gabe's class got together at the beach after they graduated and he got very sunburned because he didn't have a parent there to remind him to put on sunscreen. I guess he is growing up! Ugh, I guess they all are!

Alayna's class went on a guided boat tour of a nearby bay. I was the most beautiful day for a boat ride. There was a gentle breeze and great sunshine. The water looked amazing! The kids were all so good and we learned a lot about the landmarks in the area. The ship's captain gave the tour with his handheld microphone and was very knowledgeable.

See what I mean about the water! That beach was gorgeous!

Alayna and her friend Destiny:
Proof again that I was there!
After the boat ride, they went to one of her classmates' home to swim and eat lunch. It was a lot of kids in a little pool, but they had so much fun. They turned a raft into a slide:

I have already promised Holden I will go with him on his next field trip. I hope the guilt doesn't kill me until then.

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