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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Yes, we are still alive. The cessation of football didn't kill was a close call, but we are still here! Life's pace just seems to keep kicking up for me. Or maybe my ability to keep up keeps slipping...hmmm, will have to contemplate that one. October and November were busy months, but I was able to capture a few things on film that we did.

Riley and Holden's classes went on a field trip together in early October and I took the day off to go with them and drive some other kids too. You can see exactly how much Riley appreciated that I chose to sit with him in the picture above {insert sarcasm here}.
Holden miraculously escaped mom's presence and sat happily with his friends Robby and Joshua. The classes went to a theater in Sarasota (I believe it was called The Little Theater, but that was too long ago for me to be sure) to see Pinocchio live on stage. If you know me at all, you know that I have no culture and would rather watch a football game than a play or ballet or opera or--you get the idea. But, I was able to get the day off, so I thought I would grit my teeth and endure it.  I even knew how the story ended, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot from the performance. I was amazed! I was completely entertained and impressed with the actors and actresses. There were 2 men and 2 women who played multiple parts each and had to change their voices/accents to match their new part several times. The play was modernized (the kids played video games that turned them into donkeys) and so witty. I have to admit that I even cried when Geppetto died in the end (turns out he wasn't really dead), and laughed out loud multiple times. Riley even enjoyed it too.

I was thrilled to make it to a couple of the boy's basketball games. Luckily they were just down the road at the YMCA, so I was able to skate out of work and catch them. Their first game was on Veteran's Day and I had it off (oh, the joys of being a government employee), so I got to enjoy the entire game. With six minute quarters, the game is over quickly. The middle school team only has 8 players, so the boys are getting great experience. Paul is the assistant coach and the 4th grade teacher's husband is the head coach. He has coached basketball on the college level previously, and Paul said he has learned things from him that he never learned before from any coach. The boys are having fun. And as of tonight were undefeated. They are on their way home from the first away game right as I type.

Here, both boys were playing. Riley running toward the camera and Gabe down low.

Paul and the boys all on the bench

I am sure you all knew that the 2nd week of November was National Nurse Practitioner's Week. This is Pam and I in front of our poster that was put up at work for us. We were treated to a pizza lunch one day that week too. We were quite pampered! Thanks Dawn!

And this is the  note Gabriel left for me in my car today. I got such a kick out of it. He is so formal with his signature. I am sure he was hoping I would not get him confused with some other Gabriel that loves me! It just made me giggle and I wanted to remember it. As you can see, we still have a certain elementary school to thank for not teaching spelling in 1st grade. The kid can spell difficult 8th grade level words, but not "coming".

Just a quick attempt to get you all up to speed more, I started a new job yesterday. I have gone back into specialty practice (this time Pulmonology--lungs) and will be back to practicing in the hospital too. I am very excited about it and loving it so far. I will desperately miss everyone at the clinic and have so many fond memories there! I was not looking for a job, it sort of fell in my lap. Just how God works.

I promise I am going to try to be better about posting updates here in the future. I am typing it here to hold myself accountable! I pray you all are doing well. I love reading your blogs (those of you who have them) and keeping in the loop. I covet your prayers and thank God for you every day!


Rikki said...

I guess I missed that Nurse Practitioner's Day but now I know! :) It's good to catch up w/your life!

Cindy and company said...

Yayyy!!! Welcome back to blogland! So great to hear how you are all doing and to see some pictures. Thanks for taking the time to update us. We are praying for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to open this up this morning and find your update and photos. It's hard to fathom that the boys are involved in bigboy sports already. I know Paul must be enjoying the job of assistant coach and being into the game again. wow, and to still be learning. God is at work here too. Thank the Lord that you are enjoying your new job, you'll be wonderful at it. Love to all, G
&P P.

Deb said...

Hey there! I'm glad to catch up on you guys a little bit! I'm learning how time really flies by when you're working in addition to having a family. Hang in there! Congratulations on your new position at work. I'm getting over pneumonia...will my cough ever go away!!! :) I miss having you around so I can ask all my silly medical questions!
Love you!