Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school

Today was the first day of school, and its official, the boys are way too cool to smile for this picture any more.  It rained all day and we had to settle for an indoor shot. First time for everything.


Stephanie said...

The "men" look so stoic! They look thrilled to go to school or maybe it's just that obnoxiously embarrassing mom taking all those pictures!!! (Keep taking them mom!)

Cindy and company said...

yay for free time for mommy! Sorry it had to rain but I love the indoor shot. It gives me a look at the house! Beautiful. We won't be starting for another 3 weeks or so. Enjoying every last moment of the summer.

The Blackley Tribe said...

I can tell Holden kind of wants to smile, but knows he'll get sucker punched if he does ;) At least you still have Alayna to show her true joy!
Thanks for sharing the pics...I truly cannot believe how big Gabe has gotten!!!

Anonymous said...

Thought about you all day yesterday knowing you were heading back to school. God Bless you all with great teachers and some wonderful friends. You're still a great looking four beautiful blessings.

G & P. P.

Richard and Becky said...

Wow! They all look so grown up! I laughed when I saw them all so serious...I am not ready for that