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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Up to speed

Once again, I am so far behind with blogging. Where does the time go???  A couple weeks ago, we went to the dedication of Agape's new plane. We even got a family picture with it...better than we can say about the last one! It was great to see where they are now and how God is using them in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It was great to see familiar faces too. It as blazing hot, but we enjoyed food and ice cream and singing and a time of prayer.

The kids of the staff also came out and sang a song. Appropriately, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" was their choice. You can see them doing the actions. Unfortunately I ran out of battery for anymore pictures. So cute!

And, you guessed it, we got all dressed up for a free meal at Chick Fil-A again this year. This was Paul's first time. He was the rebel black cow with white spots! Everyone was such a good sport! I had to work, so they came and picked me up and we met Kate and Dan at the one in Port Charlotte. I was terrified I would run into some of my patients! Luckily, no one recognized me! The free meal was all worth it!

The Port Charlotte Stone Crabs are a minor league team in our area. Our church got a group together one Saturday night and went together to a game. It was hot, but there was a great breeze and our seats were in the shade. The kids got a free hat (modeled by Alayna) and silly bands in the shape of a stone crab. What more could they have wanted? We sat right behind the visitors dugout and when they were coming in at the end of an inning, he stood up and waved his arms and the outfielder who had a ball from a fly out he caught threw it to him. After the game they took their hats and ball to get autographs. They also got to run the bases:

Really, this very blurry picture is of Riley coming across home. They had a great time and we were blessed to be able to go.

Finally, we are starting to really get into bugs and reptiles at our house.  Actually the word WE probably isn't the most accurate since I still hate all of those things! The kids have started having nightly toad catches around here and also collect any large or interesting insects they find. This was their most successful catch. I made them let them all go out by the pond the next morning (that's why they are in their jammies!)

Its hard to tell, but there were over 20 toads in the tank at once as well as a walking stick and the biggest grasshopper we have ever seen!

And, I was least happy about this little discovery on our back patio. It is a pygmy rattlesnake.  Yes, rattlesnake, as in poisonous. Paul killed it and saved the head and the rattler (why??) for anyone who wants to see them.  I banned everyone from the yard after that...but as you can see by the toad catch, they aren't listening.  I am choosing to trust that they will be safe and not live in fear...most days!

I can't believe how fast the summer is going. Just over a month is left. Riley is starting Pop Warner football which is full tackle at the beginning of August and has practice every evening, so, I am sure the craziness is just about to begin!  Thanks for keeping up with our lives, we miss everyone and think of you, talk about you, and pray for you often! I am so thankful for the blogs that help me stay up to speed. I depend on those of you without blogs to keep me in your loop!


Rikki said...

Ugh...I'm not loving the bugs/reptiles, either. :) Good to read about your life!

2Corinth1:4mom said...

What? No mention of a triathlon. You guys need to know... Travis rocked at a triathlon on Saturday. She beat her time goal by 22 minutes!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us up on things, although, the rattler can slither very far away. The bugs and mini reptiles are fun for the kids, for sure. They're all learning so much.

Love and hugs to all,
G.& G. P.