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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

They say the cutest things

I never want to forget this latest cute thing Alayna said.  We were doing our goodnights and giving kisses and she said, "We kiss on the lips a lot!" I said, "Yes, we do!  Why do we do that?" Her response cracked me up and made me feel like the most blessed mom on earth! She said, "Because we love each other so much!!" I am so glad she gets it! I am so glad she feels loved by me, in spite of the days when everything irritates me and the house is never clean enough to make me happy.  How I long to be the perfect parent and oh, how I fall so short of that on a daily basis.  What joy to know that I am loved in spite of that! What a beautiful reminder that my Jesus loves me just the same way.  I am so thankful to know that deep into my soul and for a precious little girl to remind me on a regular basis.


Porters said...

So very true! What a sweet little girl. I think God knew that you and I both needed a little girl to go with all the boys!

Rikki said...

Good reminder. I am so aware of how I fall short as a parent but, thankfully, God is bigger than my failures. Hope you are doing well--wasn't game night a lifetime ago??

Anonymous said...

Oh, this blesses me so. I know that it grosses the guys out, but us girls just know how to show that love don't we? What a precious expression, both verbal and on the lips, to show that love. Thank you for sharing this most tender and everlasting moment.

Love and hugs to all,
G. P.

Stephanie said...

How sweet, mine told me the other day that she just loved me so much she wanted to be duct taped to my leg! In a few years will have to look back on how much they loved us when they don't like us so much as teenagers!

Anonymous said...

She is such a precious girl. I love her kissies!