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Monday, September 7, 2009

Colorado Springs part one:

Paul has returned from Colorado Springs! We are so happy to have him back home! His time at John Regier's counseling training went very well as dragging up painful personal issues can go anyway. He had a small snag when a couple from our general area were there for counseling and refused to allow him to observe. He had the morning off the second week, so now he has to return to Colorado Springs an extra time to make up for the lost experience. God has a plan in that as well.

While he was away, he stayed with old CRPD buddy and also fellow members of our Iowa church, Dave and Sandi McDill. They were extremely generous with their home and even supplied Paul with a vehicle during his stay. They took excellent care of him and even took him sight seeing. As you can see, they visited the Garden of the gods.
Colin (Dave and Sandi's youngest) poses here with Paul under part of this big rock.
The beautiful view. This was something Paul especially enjoyed after the past year of flatness here in Florida!

Paul and the mountains.
Colin took this picture of Dave and Paul!

Now that's a big rock!

Another day, the boys visited the Air Force Academy. They were impressed by the fighter jets and the beautiful chapel. Here they were washing the jets.

The inside of the chapel at the Air Force Academy.

Paul and Colin outside the chapel.

We will miss him again when he has to go back, but I am so grateful that he was so well taken care of. We can so clearly see God's hand guiding us down this course. We still don't know where it leads for sure, but we will continue to obey his prompting for Paul to obtain this training. We are continuing under the assumption that Paul will be working in conjunction with our church and that our support will taken care of by the One who is able. Because we are not! It is clear to us that Paul is to finish this training at the very least. We attempt to wait patiently on His next direction. Please pray for us during this time that we will enjoy the journey and not be wishing it away, in a hurry to get to what is next.


2Corinth1:4mom said...

Your last sentence is a great one! I, being incredibly impatient, just want to get *there*. I don't really enjoy the journey and that's where we learn so much! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for his loving care of all of you during Paul's absence. Thank you JoDee for being such a wonderful mother's helper for Travis and the children. God's plan for you,Travis, and your family is unfolding in His time and will be something worth waiting for. We pray that you enjoy your job , and that those put in your care will be blessed like never before. You are being used also, in a mighty way. The trip to Busch Gardens looked like so much fun, even with bird doo, and gigantic hippos. What fun for all of you in re-uniting after two weeks. How wonderful to see photos of Dave and little boy McDill. God does supply need when the need is there. God Bless them for hosting Paul at this time.
Your blogging is appearing more like the real you dear one, and God is remaining faithful.
Blessings, love, hugs, and prayers,

sara said...

Your last sentence reminds me of a current favorite song of mine (on your playlist) "While I'm Waiting". About being patient while waiting for God's Providence and serving Him in the waiting. You are so faithful, friend!

sara said...

OH, AND love the pictures of my old stomping ground!!! LOVe the Garden of the gorgeous! glad Paul got to see the McDills too!!