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Monday, August 24, 2009

Not My Child Monday

Okay, not a lot of time to reflect for this one, so I may have to add to it as the day goes by. But last night just after reading about McMama's plan for a Not Me for our kids, my daughter definitely did not come prancing out of my bedroom, in front of my sister and sons wearing my (one and only and barely worn...much to my husband's dismay) nightie. She did not dance around singing and calling attention to herself before I could get to her and rip it off and put it away. I am so glad that didn't happen!

My kids did not head off to their first day of school without me either. I went with them (you know its Alayna's first day of Kindergarten) and saw them to their rooms as any loving mom would. They were not perfectly fine with me dropping them off. They were not anxious to go to school and mentioned SEVERAL times, ad nauseum in fact how much they would miss me today!!! (Hopefully there will be some pictures of their day later!!)

Voila! Alayna did not (regardless of what evidence there may be to the contrary) go off to her first day of kindergarten in a t-shirt and sweat shorts!! Alas, there was PE today for she and Gabe!
They do not look so handsome!

My children did not think I was crazy and completely fail to see the humor in all the Hee Haw comments you dear readers left me!! (I know this is supposed to be about my kids, but I also want to say how encouraged I am by all of your words and kindnesses in these comments here and on FB. What a blessing you all are!)

Okay, back to work now...yes I said back to work...I have lots of explaining to do in another post!

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Anonymous said...

Happy first day of school for everyone, even Mom. Your days will be so quiet Travis until you get used to having all four kids gone. I know they must have all been very anxious to get to school, especially Alayna. We look forward to hearing all about it. Would loved to have seen Alayna prancing around and singing in your unmentionables. She is definitely all girl, then again alot of boy. God bless all of you as you enter into an all school household. We miss you.
Love, hugs, and prayers,
G. & G. P.