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Monday, June 8, 2009

For Daddy

Normally, I do these blogs for our friends in Iowa. Today, since we are actually in Iowa, this blog is for Daddy who is still home and missed out on this day.Yesterday was a monumental day for Alayna. Out of the blue, she asked me on Friday if she could get her ears pierced. That is the moment I have been waiting for for 5 years! I have wanted to get her ears pierced since she was born, but Paul wanted it to be her choice since they were her ears after all. I agreed and have waited SOOO patiently! We are at my mom's where she has a collection of play jewelry, and I guess that gave her the idea! I snapped this picture (above) just before we left for the mall...with a full entourage! We had lunch with our dear friends the Williams, so Kim and Sarah and Mom and Jo went with us, and John was the ghost cameraman!
Here are Sarah and Alayna as we wait our turn in Claire's.
It took a while to choose those first pair of earrings. Everyone wanted something different. Alayna eventually got to choose for herself. We did have to compromise, she chose the biggest square (5mm) cubic zirconias that they offered. We compromised at the 3 mm size.
Sarah found several ways to occupy the time!
She was so ready and so brave!
They gave her a bear to hold and a sucker to keep her occupied! She waited patiently for the 2nd person so both ears could be done simultaneously.
While the entourage watched and waited too.
And posed for pictures by the ghost photographer!
We waited so long Alayna's tongue tuned yellow, much to her delight!
We pinned her hair back out of the way in preparation...
And both ears were marked with a purple pen.
Mom got to inspect and approve before anything was done.
The earrings were loaded and ready...she is beginning to feel a bit of trepidation...
Off they went with just a bit of pain.
Then, oops, one of the posts was bent and didn't make it through the ear AND got stuck in the gun thang dang (to coin a phrase from you, honey) and wouldn't come off. She was SO brave (but wouldn't agree she was brave because she cried a little) and eventually it was dislodged.
THEN, she had to have that side done all over again. Major bummer. It hurt more than I told her it would and she totally called me on it! I had to apologize and explain that that wasn't what usually happens.
She got over it quickly and let me clean her ears.
Then I had to sign away all rights to sue over the process and agree to take care of them for her since she is a minor. No kidding! I was cracking up!
A kiss from Aunt Jo-Jo and all was rosy again!
Then, she had some fun with some of the things in Claire's as I paid for the process.
Aunt Jo-Jo consoled her with a carousel ride too.
And back at the Williams' home, we all had blizzards made to order with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and anything else you could imagine! It was quite the rite of passage for her and quite a memorable day! Thanks Kim, John, Sarah, Brandon and Nichole for a great lunch and for sharing our day! We missed you Daddy and hope you get the whole story though these pictures!


MOMSWEB said...

Awwww...this was such a sweet post - with step by step pictures, too! You're a great Mother to wait and let her desire surface to have earrings and also to pick the earrings of her choice! Have a great day in Motherhood!

Stephanie said...

WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!! Mollie just asked me this week! I told her she had to be older. I can't believe the gun would mess up on her! She was very brave! They look cute and I love her hair!

Rikki said...

I loved this post! Lily has been begging to have her ears done but we haven't found the time. It's good to read about someone else's experience with it!! It looks like Alayna did a great job--I expect more screaming from my girl. :)

Richard and Becky said...

How sweet! She looks adorable and I she was so brave! I still remember getting my ears pierced and how much it hurt!

Lisa said...

Oh this brought back memories of when I got my ears piecred...uh, but I was MUCH MUCH older and not so brave! I know..shocking! She was quite brave and looks so cute. Loved the pics.